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Prof. Dr. rer nat. Christoph Palm



Robert Mendel

PhD Program

Image-based early detection of Barrett's esophagus with semi-monitored learning algorithms

Project volume: approx. 281 T€

Support programme of the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art



Christoph Palm und Karsten Weber

Regensburg Center of Health Sciences and Technology (RCHST)

Subproject: AI and ethics using the example of early diagnosis of esophageal cancer

Total project volume: approx. 642 T€
Sub-project volume: approx. 231 T€

Support programme for applied research and development at universities for applied sciences - Universities of Applied Sciences of the Free State of Bavaria



Christoph Palm

Development and evaluation of a haptic-visual learning system for surgical interventions

Subproject: Realization of the minimal invasive hand surgery

Funding code 16SV7560

Total project volume: approx. € 1.26 million
Sub-project volume: approx. 357 T€


Christoph Palm

1st DFG Project Academy Medical Technology


DFG individual funding, PA 1595/3-1:

LearnBarrIDA: Image Analysis and Machine Learning in Barrett's Oesophagus: Identification of Dysplasia and Adenocarcinoma

Project volume: approx. 19T€


Christoph Palm

1st DFG Junior Researcher Academy Medical Technology
"Multimodal imaging in medicine"


DFG Research Fellowship, PA 1595/1-1:

In vivo versus in vitro: Software-based information fusion from multimodal imaging in rat brains

Project volume: approx. 43T€