Fakultät Informatik und Mathematik
Regensburg Center for Artificial Intelligence
Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering
Regensburg Center of Health Sciences and Technology

Prof. Dr. rer nat. Christoph Palm

Uwe Pietrzyk, Christoph Palm, Thomas Beyer

Presenting images from different modalities seems to be a trivial task considering the challenges to obtain registered images as a pre-requisite for image fusion. In combined tomographs like PET/CT, image registration is intrinsic. However, informative image fusion mandates careful preparation owing to the large amount of information that is presented to the observer. In complex imaging situations it is required to provide tools that are easy to handle and still powerful enough to help the observer discriminating important details from background patterns. We investigated several options for color tables applied to brain and non-brain images obtained with PET, MRI and CT.

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