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Prof. Dr. rer nat. Christoph Palm

Medical Image Analysis Viewer (miaViewer)

Project description


The analysis and processing of medical images requires the visual control of intermediate results. It is important that real world coordinates are taken into account as well as pixel-accurate gray value information. Especially in medicine, image data is often available in DICOM format, which causes difficulties for conventional viewers. An easy-to-use software like miaViewer for the visualization of medical image data is used in teaching as well as in research.

Goals and procedure

The miaViewer is based on the libraries VTK and Qt/QML. It is especially adapted to the requirements of ReMIC and is continuously extended and updated. For example, methods for quick manual segmentation are necessary to make use of the medical expert knowledge by manual entries in DICOM data. Further extensions such as the application of lightweight image processing algorithms are also integrated into the package.