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Prof. Dr. rer nat. Christoph Palm

ReMIC - Offene Themen

On this page, temporarily open internal topics for bachelor and master theses are listed, which will be supervised by the ReMIC in the future. If you are interested to know which topics have already been supervised by ReMIC in order to estimate the range, you can view the completed theses (internal and external) here.

If you are interested in external work, please first contact the company issuing the invitation to tender directly or take the initiative to contact companies whose areas of expertise are of interest to you.

Internal Theses

Currently, most of the topics are awarded without ever being advertised here. There are numerous research projects and cooperations with clinical partners, within which there are many open topics in the field of medical image processing, machine learning and visualization. So if you are interested in one of these topics, just contact us. If there are still free capacities for supervision, you will definitely find an exciting topic. If you want to start working on your thesis at the beginning of a semester, ideally you should contact us in the last third of the semester to secure a place.

Advanced Seminar Project Master Computer Science

There are also some topics in the field of medical image processing, machine learning and visualization. They will be presented at the information event at the beginning of a semester. If you are interested, you can also secure a topic in advance. Then please register in the first week of the semester.

Research Master

Three Research Master students have already been supervised until their graduation at the ReMIC. If you are considering applying for the Research Master in Supervision at ReMIC, please take a look at the concepts of the Research Masters and the Master of Computre Science, especially with the focus on Medical Computer Science. If the Research Master should then be an option for you, please come to an early consultation appointment. The supervision of the Research Master requires a longer lead time to specify a suitable topic and to prepare the application.